Betatude Consitution

Founded: 5/15/2012

1) Every user has the right to freedom of speech of any subject. User shall not be jailed nor banned for any action that is not proven by actual evidence. (5/15/2012)

2) All users have the right to protect themselves, or their property if violence, or griefing accures. (5/15/2012)

3) No operator, moderator, or administrator shall remove or destroy another users property unless clear and solid evidence is proven against the user. (5/15/2012)

4) No operator, moderator, or administrator shall invade another users property or personal inventory unless probable cause of fraud, grief, or misuse of the server is found in evidence. (5/15/2012)

5) No user shall be blamed for a situation that is not found in evidence. (5/15/2012)

6) Any user that has misused the Betatude Minecraft Server shall be jailed or banned depending on the actions that user has done. Any ban must be approved by the administrators of the server, and any jailed user must be approved by an operator, moderator, or administration. An operator and moderator can jail a user for no longer than 180 minutes unless approved by an administrator. (5/15/2012)

7) All reports made by a user against another user must be viewed by an operator or an administrator. All reports will be based on previous user experience, and social communication from the user. (5/15/2012)

8) Any user that owned and zoned land will be charged an initial fee for zoning land. which is paid to any operator or moderator. (Updated 12/26/2014)

9) No user shall copy the Betatude Constitution of Episode 4. All user shall use this as a portion from Both server, and staff, and from themselves. (5/15/2012)

10) Betatude shall not control, or manipulate its users and will protect its laws for its users. (5/15/2012)

11) All regions of Betatude are control under the Betatude constitution of Episode 4. No user shall create any law beyond the Betatude Constitution. (5/15/2012)

12) Any operation, or moderator shall be voted on by fellow user peers, and by the user experience according the previous administrator, operators, and moderators. Any operator, or moderator that causes harm to it's users, economy, or inventory will become banned and/or jailed depending on the action of the user. (5/15/2012)

13) No user shall be used for slavery, misuse of building, unless punishment for a crime. (5/15/2012)

14) Every citizen of Betatude will be enforced under these laws and enforcements of this constitution. Additional Amendments can be added if all administrators vote on the law. Users can also submit a community advancement preposition to better their community. (5/15/2012)

15) All users have the right to repeal a new law by voting more than 50.9% yes, of total users online for 7 days. (5/15/2012)

16) Betatude shall charge any land owner a tax fee for the size, and value of the users land. (5/15/2012)

17) Any user wanting to become an operator or moderator must have an outstanding social commitment to Betatude in order to elect to become op, or mod. (5/15/2012)

18) Any shall user be able to earn and keep profits from their self/organization made business. (5/15/2012)

19) Any user that had previous social problems early than Betatude episode 4 shall be allowed to play freely as a normal user. Any operator or moderator that has done wrong early than Betatude episode 4 shall be released of their social debts and treated as a normal player, until elected to become operator, or moderator. (5/15/2012)

20) The administrators for Betatude are 'hunterlong/TOTALCHUD' (Hunter Long, California, USA), and 'bumchilddelux' (Kevin Mong, California, USA). Their judgments Surpass operator and moderators rulings and laws will only be fully approved, and recorded by the administrators. (5/15/2012)

21) No user shall grief any other land that is not their own. Open land, not zoned by another user, and not being used is Federal land, is completely open and free to use for any cause by any player. (5/15/2012)

22) No operator or moderator can act as an administrator nor give any objects, materials, or any other asset to a common user. No operator or moderator can store items in a private chest or sell any items in their own market/store. (5/15/2012)

23) No operator, moderator, or administrator shall give a user creative mode unless approved for a project, or by an operator. (5/15/2012)

24) Users on Betatude must register on '' to become added on the server whitest for access to the game. Minecraft username, Email, and Password are required for access to the whitelist. Betatude has the right to send news updates via email to each user if message is approved by administrator. (removed 11/26/2014)

25) In case of removal of an operator or moderator, the administator must elect a new member to take place the leaving user. (5/15/2012)

26) Any operator or moderator that faulty accuses a user of doing a wrong actions shall be treated as a user and could become jailed, or banned depending on the situation. (5/15/2012)

27) No user shall be jailed or muted for more than 5 days from when the action first happened. (5/15/2012)

28) No PVP in Protected users areas or in the main city. PVP is allowed on Betatude for gain of materials, and expereice, but abusing the right of pvp to the same player can result in become jailed or banned. (5/17/2012)

29) Mass quantities of diamond or gold can be viewed as stolen by an operator/moderator. If an operator or moderator thinks items are stolen by a user in creative mode, (OR BY exploit in function/features #39 [11/26/2014]) they do have rights to destroy their items and land. (5/17/2012)

30) Any user that lost materials in a rollback will be not given materials back. (5/17/2012)

31) Betatude will allow users to start a chestshop (business) for FREE for no longer than 5 days. After 5 days the land owner can charge the user for a store front. (6/3/2012)

32) No player on BETATUDE shall have a debt of $1,000 $10,000 or more. (6/4/2012)

33) No player in debt shall buy any item, block, land or services. (6/4/2012)

34) Zoning fees will be no larger than $20,000 $200,000, and no less than $500 per zoning of lands. Zoning fees will be charged PER BLOCK OF AREA. Equation: (W * L) * 5 = Zoning Fee. W= Width of area of zone, L= Length of area to zone. (6/4/2012, Updated 12/26/2014)

35) Betatude Gold Price will no longer be judged off Betatude's economic conditions. The gold price will now be priced 100% the same as the United States Gold Price and updated every 2 minutes. (6/27/2012) (Striked 3/26/2014)

36) No user shall build a mob grinder/spawner/generator in any areas on Betatude. All buildings shall be removed by admin. (3/26/2014)(Removed 2/8/2015)

37) A user shall recieve no less than $1,000 when they invite a user to Betatude. They must be online for at least 15 minutes for the payment to be sent by an admin (3/26/2014)

38) No user shall create a contract that will extend longer than 30 days. No contract is permanent, if so, it is considered void. (3/26/2014)

39) No user shall own or operate an exploited known or unknown feature of Betatude. If a user uses such a function to gain for themselves, admins and ops will be authorized to remove and destroy your known lands. If you continue using exploited features or functions, the user shall be banned. In accordance with law #3, and #6. (11/26/2014)

40) Any user that believes their constitutional rights were mistreated, that user can open a legal case against Betatude or another user. (11/24/2014)

41) All cases must be paid in money or land. Labour services can not be used as payback for a case. (11/24/2014)

41) All legal cases that are against a user will have a jury trial with no less than 3 community users to decide who will win. (11/24/2014)

42) A user must pay what is owed with a case as soon as the trial ends. If one does not pay, Betatude can collect collect your money from your account and take your land and assets. (11/24/2014)

43) Betatude may sell tickets to access your land if you have violated the Betatude constitution. (only if your violation was judged to do so) The unpaid user's land will be un-zoned, and community users will be able to take-n-grab anything freely from the un-zoned land. (11/24/2014)

44) Buildings shall not be copy and pasted multiple times in different of near locations. Buildings can be copied to only be transferred to an new area. (12/14/2014)

45) Buildings shall not have a large warehouse of items near spawn location. If spawn location changes, buildings must be compliant with law #45. (12/26/2014)

46) Companies of Betatude can be created by any player. For the company to be protected by the Betatude law, the company must have an established set of Bylaws, decided upon --and signed-- by the founder(s). (01/06/2015)

47) Companies of Betatude automatically have a total of 1000 stocks, divided in accordance to bylaws. For any purchase of stocks to be valid, it must be in the form of a signed book admissable to court(or admin[s]). (01/06/2015)

48) If shareholders (individuals with stocks of a company) or employees of companies do not abide by the bylaws, their stocks can be taken away from them by court (or internal company-council depending on bylaws) and they may be dismissed from their position. (01/06/2015)

49) Company bylaws must be approved by Betatude, and must have regulations only pertaining to that company.

50) Merger Law - An operator from a previous server may merge their server with Betatude. The Lead user is called a [Leader]. Leaders have command similar commands as an OP. All leaders have their IP's logged each visit. The community will have 1 week to decide whether the merge was a positive influence on Betatude. (2/19/2015)

51) (PENDING LAW, TO BE VOTED) No single user shall create a mechanism of automation of mass mining, distribution, harvesting, or production without their own labor. If a user has a facility of this magnitude, one shall be taxed 50% of income bi-weekly OR one shall make a BUY AND SELL shop with reasonable pricing with more than 15 items.